Pipe Bending

One benefit of partnering with Shaw for your fabrication needs is we are always looking for continuous improvement and efficiency opportunities that we can pass on to our clients. One of the most effective innovations in our business in recent years is the introduction of cold and induction bending. 

Shaw utilizes Cojafex, the world’s leading manufacturer of induction bending equipment for pipe and structural shapes. This technology is deployed throughout our manufacturing footprint. We have 9 bending machines throughout our 7 facilities with highly skilled bending specialists. In addition, we are one of few companies that have an in-house metallurgical testing facility. Our testing facility permits us to bend and test our pipes onsite, allowing for a quicker, safer, and stronger pipe spool.  

Shaw’s Bending Capabilities and Benefits

  • Pipe bending capability up to 66″ diameter and wall thickness to 6″
  • Capable of producing 1.5″ diameter bends and large diameter bends to replace welded elbows, which minimizes cut and weld connections, requiring less labor and materials
  • Uniform, cost-effective product that is stronger and less prone to structural fatigue
  • In-house mechanical testing lab, fusion bond epoxy and abrasion resistant coating
  • Potential schedule improvements

Capable of bending a wide variety of materials:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Duplex steel
  • API X grades
  • Nickel alloys
  • Inconel 740H
  • Low and intermediate alloys (P11, P22, P5, P9, P91, P92, etc.)