Painting and Coatings

Industrial facilities may require special paints or coatings and procedures due to the nature of the environment and the materials used or manufactured in a facility. Shaw can evaluate specific needs, goals and budget of the facility and specify the proper solution.

Our blasting and painting facilities allow us to handle all sizes and shapes ensuring we have the ability and resources to complete your project. We coat a wide variety of metals, substrates, surfaces and machinery that enhances wear resistance, rust protection, and weather sustainability properties.

With our indoor blasting and coating capabilities, we are able to perform the majority of your coating needs in house. 

  • Automated blasting of large diameter pipe and fittings prior to fabrication, providing a cleaner weld preparation area and creating a high quality product
  • Manual blasting with a variety of media
  • Plural component mixing stations and application equipment for a magnitude of paint systems, including powder coating, fusion bond epoxy and underground coating