Shaw’s El Dorado Facility Achieves VPP Recertification

The Shaw Group’s El Dorado fabrication facility has once again achieved Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) certification from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This certification is reserved for employers and workers in the private industry and federal agencies who have implemented superior safety and health management systems.

The facility originally received VPP certification in 2012 and has been able to maintain its status as the only fabrication shop in the nation and the only one in its Standard Industrial Classification. This recent recertification was achieved through a successful demonstration of management commitment, employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention, and control, as well as safety and health training to a group of OSHA auditors and special government employees.

Everyone at the El Dorado site was involved in achieving this milestone, whether it was in preparing for the re-approval, mitigating hazards found by the audit team, or participating in formal or informal interviews conducted by auditors. Special thanks should be given to the Shaw Management Team, Ian Piper, Walker HSE, Joseph Burnitt, Lake Charles HSE, Tommy Parker, El Dorado HSE, Cassandra Catchot, El Dorado VVP Committee Chair, Brandon Stanley, VPP Supervisor Rep., David Crouch, UA 155 Shop Steward, the El Dorado VPP Committee, and the El Dorado HSE Committee.

The VPP recognition is significant for The Shaw Group as it promotes effective worksite-based safety and health. In addition, VPP participants are exempt from OSHA-programmed inspections while they maintain their VPP status. VPP participants are re-evaluated every three to five years to remain in the program.

The Shaw Group’s El Dorado fabrication facility’s successful VPP recertification is a testament to their dedication to safety and health excellence and reinforces their commitment to the well-being of their employees and the community.