The Shaw Group completed pipe fabrication solutions for a petrochemical project in Pasadena, Texas.

Project Highlights

⦁ 14,000 pipe spools
⦁ 41,000 fittings, flanges and supports
⦁ 175,000 linear feet of pipe
⦁ Stainless and Carbon Steel
⦁ Completed at Walker, LA

“We’re extremely pleased that Clough put its trust in Shaw to deliver their pipe fabrication for such an important project,” said Shaw President and CEO Mike Childers. “The hallmark of Shaw’s core competencies is our ability to serve as trusted partners for our clients and deliver our project components at the highest quality with zero disruptions to budget and timeline and that’s exactly what we plan to deliver for Clough.”

“Shaw has demonstrated its ability to deliver superior pipe fabrication services,” said Clough Vice President and Project Director Diego Carli. “We’re excited to partner with Shaw to bring this project online.”

CloughUSA Petrochemical Pipe Fabrication